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In this storytelling fighter, follow Najja through the many struggles he faces as he helps his family establish their Kingdom. Set in 2050 BC, a time period where no one Pharaoh rules the majority of Egypt, a civil war is being fought intertwining a decade long family rivalry. Fight through many levels while following an entertaining story complete with vocal effects, sound effects, special effects and music. Two modes including Story Mode and Challenge mode (Defeat as many opponents as possible) create a lot of fun for all to enjoy.

Comments from Brandon: I made this game as part of a YoYoGames competition. If it wasn't for the controls I would really enjoy this game a lot. I'm proud of the story, graphics, and music. Unfortunately, I believe the controls are too complicated and makes the game extremely hard even while playing on easy.

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1.0 - Dynasty Released
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Nice graphics and an enjoyable story! Also, I really like the battling controls (especially the blocking capability).
I really liked the fighting in this game!
Pretty Cool! =)
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