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J2A 1.5.1
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Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1

J2A allows users to convert Jar files to Cod format through an easy to use graphical interface. This free program also provides basic error checking and notifies the users of incompatible Jar files. The user sets the save destination for the converted file, then browses for the Jar to be converted. A Jad files is automatically generated using the Jar's manifest and this information is used to create the Alx description file. The converted program can then be uploaded to the user's Blackberry smartphone through Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Product Update Log: 
1.0 - J2A Released. Blackberry JDE must be installed for this program to perform its purpose.
1.1 Fix - Now Runs on Vista - Fixed Installer File.
1.2 Fix - New Design. New Options (Sound and Debugging). Fixed Start button not responding. Fixed alx exportation to prevent XML messages when loading.
1.3 - Convert Multiple Jars at once, more easily.
1.3.1 - Majority of Freezing problems fixed. Now tells you if Jars are incompatible with J2A.
1.4 - Freezing problem fixed. New Look. New Music. Faster Load Time. Conversion Status. Manual Cancellation Added. Re-Worded instructions.
1.5 - Major overhaul to system. Now automatically creates descriptor files. New Look, no music. Added update mechanism.
1.5.1 - Fixed the update mechanism.
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