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J2A Pro
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Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1

J2A Pro allows the user to convert multiple jar files into cod format quickly and easily. J2A Pro supports many conversion methods including drag and drop conversion, folder conversion, and zip conversion. J2A Pro also includes a loading module that allows the user to easily load converted apps onto their Blackberry smartphone.

Product Update Log: 
1.5 - Fixed major issues with app loading module.
1.4 - Fixed minor issues with update module and added loading module for easy installation of converted apps.
1.3.1 - Fixed minor bugs.
1.3 - Fixed drag and drop conversion issue.
1.2 - Fixed issue where J2A Pro would freeze if selecting one jar while using multiple jar conversion method.
1.1 Fixed random crash issues, removed dependency on full Blackberry JDE installation.
1.0 J2A Pro Released.
Product Reviews: 
I bought it and i love it. with 10 000 plus jars this made it soooo simple.
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