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Blackberry Smartphones
Java Enabled Phones

In this mobile port of Maximum Voltage Street Racing you are Brent Freburg, a rebelious teen breaking away from the family business and pursuing his true passion, Racing. Follow his story as he infiltrates a well established underground street racing firm, Owned and Run by Brandon Swift and his family. As you win, your popularity goes up. Unfortunately so do your complications. Do you have what it takes to accomplish what no one has ever done?

Comments from Brandon: This is my first mobile game that I ever released to the public. It was very rushed and poorly programmed. The game garnished a good amount of downloads, but the reviews were pretty harsh. I definitely should have taken more time to learn and understand mobile development. I would love to redo this game using Unity some time along the line.

Product Update Log: 
1.0 - Released MVSR:M on Feb 5, 2008.
1.1 - Fixed freezing Errors and optimized game speed.
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