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I am an entrepreneur with skills that specialize in software programming, web design, mobile development, and graphics design. I live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 25 miles from Nashville, and I received my Bachelors in Computer & Information Sciences at Middle Tennessee State University with a minor in Business. I am always looking for new opportunities to further my knowledge and experience in programming, web design, and professionalism.

I harbor the skills to repair and build custom computers, develop websites, and create custom software, but my passion for game design is what drives me the most. At 11 years old, I created my first video game and began to develop a basic understanding of software programming. Since then, I've independently developed and released numerous programs, games, and mobile applications and professionally implemented software modules and web services for various clients. I have experienced multiple failures & successes and while I still have a lot to learn; I'm enjoying every new experience along the way.

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Professional Work Experience

CareHere, LLC. - Intermediate Software Developer & T-SQL Developer
08/2016 - Current | Creates, maintains and enhances information systems by designing, developing and installing software solutions of a moderate scope.

Letterlogic, Inc. - .NET Developer
05/2014 - 08/2016 | Develops software modules to support the mailing needs of various clients. Utilizes technologies such as C# .NET Programming, Angular JS, MVC, and Uluro.

Staples Inc. - Senior Certified Technician
06/2011 - 05/2014 | Primarily responsible for servicing customer's computers and technology by diagnosing issues, installing hardware components, removing viruses, and advising on new technology purchases.

Personal Projects

07/2010 | Connects to a Blackberry smarthphone via USB and captures the screen to an image or video.

J2A Pro
08/2008 | Allows the user to convert multiple jar files into cod format quickly and easily. J2A Pro supports many conversion methods including drag and drop conversion, folder conversion, and zip conversion. J2A Pro also includes a loading module that allows the user to easily load converted apps onto their Blackberry smartphone.

J2A 1.5
08/2007 | Allows users to convert Jar files to Cod format through an easy to use graphical interface. This free program also provides basic error checking and notifies the users of incompatible Jar files. The converted program can then be uploaded to the user's Blackberry.

Video Games

Uni (Galaxy at War) 3
04/2016 | A single player shooter with real-time 3D battles & strategic gameplay. It was built using Unity and currently has free and paid versions listed on the iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone app stores.

Uni (Galaxy At War) v1/v2
V1: 07/2009 - V2: 08/2011 | An arcade shooter with real-time 2D battles & strategic gameplay. It was built using J2ME and is currently distributed among third party java app web portals. Uni was made available for Java enabled phones and Blackberry smartphones.

04/2008 | A storytelling fighter with both a "Story Mode" and "Challenge mode" where you must defeat as many opponents as possible. Dynasty was made with GameMaker 8.0 and was distributed through my website and YoYoGames.com

Maximum Voltage Street Racing: Mobile
A mobile port of Maximum Voltage Street Racing is a role-playing racing game with both a story mode and exhibition mode. It was made for Java enabled phones and Blackberry smart phones and was distributed among multiple web portals and my website.

Maximum Voltage Street Racing
06/2004 | Maximum Voltage Street Racing is a 2D role-playing racing game with both a story mode and exhibition mode. It was created using an older version of Game Maker and was distributed through a few web portals and my website.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages/Tools:C# .NET, Visual Basic, Java ME, Java SE, C++

Web Languages/Tools: Drupal CMS, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.Net

Databases/Tools: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle

Software Packages/Systems: Microsoft Visual Studio, NetBeans IDE, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Dreamweaver

Game Engines: Unity, GameMaker, jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.0

Other Software Packages: Cinema 4D, FL Studio, Adobe After Effects, Anime Studio, Adobe Photoshop


Middle Tennessee State University - Class of 14' - Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Major: Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems
Minor: Business Administration

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